Bankruptcy, Workouts and Creditors' Rights

Insolvency and workouts are uniquely challenging legal matters, typically involving multiple parties, all with varying interests, competing for a limited pool of assets, governed by complex rules in litigation which is fast-paced and time sensitive. Lending institutions and other creditors often find themselves in the position of dealing with debtors who are unable to fulfill their financial obligations.

When dealing with financially distressed debtors, both in and out of bankruptcy, creditors need competent legal help from attorneys well-versed in the complex rules of bankruptcy, workouts and creditors' rights. Debtors who are unable to meet their financial obligations and guarantors also need legal services when faced with collection actions.

Attorney David Tatge is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has over 30 years of legal experience as an attorney in the laws which govern creditors' rights and financially distressed businesses. In addition to being a skilled legal adviser and litigator, he is the lead author of two critically acclaimed two books, one, on bankruptcy, in 1993 (The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee’s Manual, John Wiley & Sons), and a later 2009 leading treatise on commercial finance law.

David has worked with clients who are not only secured creditors, but, as well, debtors (including as lead counsel for an American Stock Exchange Company reorganizing its debts out-of-court), unsecured and judgment creditors, bankruptcy trustees and creditors’ committees, in a variety of industries, including communications, healthcare, government contracts, investment banking, and manufactured goods, to name a few. He has also counseled purchasers who have bought well over $100 million in assets out of bankruptcy.

Experienced Advocate for Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy

David B. Tatge, PLLC represents secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, guarantors and other sureties, bankruptcy trustees and others in a broad spectrum of legal matters including bankruptcy adversary proceedings, Chapter 11 reorganizations, and state law insolvency and collection actions.

Our primary focus is the diligent protection of our clients' financial interests. We work with creditor clients to enforce their security interests, maximize the value of any collateral, secure relief from the automatic stay, and advise as to reorganizations and bankruptcy claims. For debtor clients, both business and individual, we work to obtain financial relief for them, to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. Attorney David Tatge is an experienced first-chair litigator who is available to assist clients with matters involving:

  • Formulating and confirming reorganization plans
  • Valuation proceedings
  • Cram-down disputes
  • Post-petition financing
  • Asset sales and acquisitions
  • Debtor-in-possession financing
  • Prepackaged plans
  • Litigation involving unexpired leases and executory contracts
  • Adversary proceedings

Non-Bankruptcy Workouts and Collection Actions

The firm also represents both creditors and debtors in non-bankruptcy workout and foreclosure proceedings, and in state law collection actions, such as levies, garnishments, debtor interrogatories, actions to recover fraudulent conveyance and for injunctive relief. David Tatge has special experience as well in state law rehabilitation proceedings involving health maintenance organizations and other insurers.

Based in Oak Hill, Virginia, 25 miles Northwest of Washington, D.C., David B. Tatge, PLLC serves clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and nationwide, as well as international clients. David has appeared in American bankruptcy courts from coast-to-coast, from East to West, and North to South, as well as in many state court collection actions. He has also appeared before foreign courts in international collection cases.