David Tatge’s American Factoring Law Called “Must-Have” in American Bankruptcy Institute Journal

David Tatge coauthored a book titled American Factoring Law, which was recently reviewed in the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal by Mary H. Rose, of Buchalter Nemer PC in Los Angeles. Rose hailed the book as "a must-have for your law library, and possibly for your own office bookcase."

Following is an excerpt:

Before the main volume of American Factoring Law was pub­lished in December 2009, the litera­ture on American factoring consisted of a few articles, some relatively brief sections in commercial finance trea­tises and marketing brochures issued by factors themselves. There was no comprehensive treatise on factoring law that could explain why the factor­ing agreement you were reading was structured the way it was, how it dif­fered from other factoring agreements and whether the courts were likely to enforce the provisions of your factor­ing agreement and the operational pro­cedures of your factor in the way you hoped they would.

American Factoring Law has defini­tively changed all of that. It is a compre­hensive, well organized, exhaustively researched and, above all, clear state­ment and explanation of modern factor­ing law. Whether you are a neophyte in the world of factoring or a seasoned practitioner, this book is a must-have for your law library, and possibly for your own office bookcase.

This book has everything you ever wanted to know about factoring but had no one to ask. It includes not only descriptive explanations and commen­tary, but sample provisions from a vari­ety of types of factoring agreements, discussions of significant factoring cases (with polite criticism of incorrect­ly decided cases), references to online court dockets and supplemental materi­als, descriptions of industry-specific fac­toring facilities, a glossary of factoring terms, and materials on proper account­ing and tax treatment. For the factoring aficionado, there is even an in-depth chapter on the history of American fac­toring, which is worth reading for the perspective and insight it gives to mod­ern factoring concepts.

Reprinted with permission from the ABI Journal, Vol. XXX, No. 8, October 2011.

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