I would like to express the appreciation of [our Bank] for the superb job you have done in representing us in this extremely contentious and difficult case. The settlement that was ultimately reached was only achieved as a result of your tenaciously held convictions about the merits of this case and the aggressive and imaginative approach that you have taken in pursuit of the Bank's objectives. Your firm's ability to analyze the situation, find the evidence and successfully argue on our behalf has been impressive. The legal research that has gone into the support of these arguments has been extremely thorough and has proven to be flawless…. This is a highly successful conclusion to a long relationship.

I would like to particularly note the efforts of Mr. David Tatge whose technical competence in both accounting and law was invaluable. He took a personal interest that went beyond all expectations. His tenacious approach was a critical element in the successful culmination of this case.

Please accept my sincerest thanks and my offer to use this institution as a reference in any work that you pursue in the future.

– Vice President of a national bank

Many thanks for arranging for us to have access to David Tatge. I asked you for someone from central casting and you provided a stellar director. David gave my staff invaluable help.

– Founder of a health care company, to David's former firm

As you are no doubt aware, [we] are extremely pleased and satisfied with the work you performed for us in the torturous bankruptcy proceeding which was finally settled this year….

However, as this year draws to a close, it would be an unforgivable oversight if we did not acknowledge the excellent work that you did for us.

Over the years of your legal career, I predict that you will make a great deal of money for the fine services that you provide your clients…You may even come to think that you are forgotten by your clients. However, … you are never forgotten, and the work you provided will always be held in high esteem.

– Former client
[W]e are pleased with the legal work that your firm has done on our behalf.

Please extend our appreciation to David for his support and specific expertise he has brought to this situation.

– Executive Vice President of a bank, From a letter to Mr. Tatge's former employer

I … offer my congratulations on the publication of your book, The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee's Manual...I am glad to see you receiving such well deserved recognition. You and your co-authors have made a real contribution to the bankruptcy literature and I wish you every success.

– Margaret Milner Richardson, [former] IRS Commissioner

We are in the process of preparing a compendium of text material to be used by our candidates who will be sitting for our Part C-4 Examination (Advanced Pension Consulting and Practice) …

In reviewing the available material, I came across the article "Preparing for Excess Asset Reversions on the Termination of Defined-Benefit Plans" by you in … The Journal of Taxation … . We feel that this is one of the finest articles on this subject and have written directly to [the publisher] for permission to reproduce it as part of our study materials.

– Jed C. Macy, Education Resource Editor, American Society of Pension Actuaries

David, …I must admit that you did a good job. O.K., so it was a great job. You are a rare bird among the vultures who make up your profession. With best regards ...

– Chairman of the Board of an American Stock Exchange company, after successful, out-of-court reorganization of corporate debts