Book Review of American Factoring Law

American Factoring Law, published in December, 2009 by Bloomberg/BNA, authored by David Tatge, David Flaxman and Jeremy Tatge, was reviewed by Steven N. Kurtz, Esq. in The Commercial Factor magazine.

Following is an excerpt:

The book is a comprehensive treatise covering the business and legal aspects of the factoring industry and is a must read for professionals who work in the business. …

The book does an excellent job of breaking down the typical factoring contract into pieces, and discusses the business and legal issues in plain English, something that really took a lot of thought, as this is not an easy task.

The research and writing that went into the making of this book is phenomenal. A tremendous amount of effort went into mapping out the subject matter, researching the topics and then presenting the materials in an easy to understand manner. …

The writers certainly got a lot done in this endeavor and deserve a shout-out of appreciation for the great job they did in putting together this book.