David Tatge Co-Authors American Factoring Law

Tatge, Flaxman & Tatge, American Factoring Law,
(BNA Books, 2009)

Book is the first comprehensive U.S. treatise on
complex area of commercial law

David Tatge has co-authored the newly released American Factoring Law (BNA Books, 2009). This one-of-a-kind treatise is the first comprehensive book on factoring law in the United States, offering a practical analysis of legal and business issues faced by factors, their clients, account debtors, guarantors, third-party lenders, and taxation authorities.

This new title, at more than 850 pages and 15 chapters, is unparalleled in the breadth and depth of its analysis of factoring law. The following are a few of the topics covered in the book:

  • Whether a sale of accounts to a factor constitutes a "true sale";
  • Factoring of accounts without recourse, on partial nonrecourse, partial recourse, split risk, or full recourse;
  • Litigation between factors and their clients, debtors, third-party lenders and factors, bankruptcy estates, and taxation authorities;
  • Issues that arise when a factor's client goes bankrupt;
  • Relationships between the factor and funding sources;
  • Tax matters relevant to factors.

American Factoring Law is authored by David B. Tatge, David Flaxman, and Jeremy B. Tatge.

American Factoring Law may be purchased (Order # 1792/$395.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling) from BNA Books, PO Box 7814, Edison, NJ 08818-7814. Telephone orders: 1-800-960-1220. Fax orders: 1-732-346-1624. Web site orders: http://www.bnabooks.com/.

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